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We are James and Jenny, a GP and Nutrition coach, and a husband and wife team!


Our Story

I’m James. I’m a doctor and I work as an NHS GP at a surgery in East London.  


After 15 years of medical practice and frustration with the lack of time and impact I could have on patients, I decided to set up Doctor Bodywell as a space where I could work with people on a more personal level, before they get to a stage where they need medical intervention. It's not about getting help once you already have a condition, it's about taking charge of your own health.

So together with Jenny, who has a degree in psychology and studied as a nutrition coach with the Institute of Health & Sciences, we created a  programme that offers people 1:1 and group support coupled with personal plans to work on during and after the programme has finished. For me it's not necessarily about choosing to make a change, it's about making those sustainable changes that will stick, so that overtime, people can see the transformation they can make to their own health. 


Hi I’m Jenny. I’m a nutrition and lifestyle coach, but my journey with nutrition started when I was much younger. My parents are from Mauritius, a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean, and ranked 4th in the world for diabetes prevalence. But despite living in London for more years than his home country, it didn’t stop my dad from developing diabetes. 

I already had a degree in Psychology but decided to go back to education and study Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with the Institute of Health & Sciences. I wanted to integrate it with what I already knew about human behaviour, to understand how we could eat to better our health, while getting people to change and stick to new eating habits. What I realise now is that my dad needed a more personalised change to his diet and regular support to motivate him through the changes, much earlier on. 


Being my dad’s daughter increases my risk of developing diabetes at some point in the future, so making the right decisions about nutrition and lifestyle for myself and my family is really important to me while my girls are still young. My only wish is that I knew then what I know now, so I could have helped my dad earlier on, but hopefully, together with James, we can work with people who are at a crossroads in their health, and help navigate them down a path where they can still make a difference. 

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Blood Sugar Balance

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Personalised Nutrition

Doctor-led Workshops

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