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The Blood Sugar Transformation Programme

We aim to educate and empower you to make safe, realistic and sustainable changes to your nutrition, your lifestyle and ultimately your wellbeing so that you can significantly transform your health and protect yourself from future chronic conditions such as diabetes. 

The first 6 weeks of our programme combines doctor-led weekly group sessions with 1-1 nutrition planning and is designed to be intensive in-order to help you break bad eating habits as you work with our experts and learn how to lower your diabetes risk, by working through your own personal plans. 


Everyone on the programme will receive a personalised meal plan with options of the best foods to help them balance blood sugar levels.


The second half of the programme allows you to work on your plan and experiment with your meal plans, with a check in point at week 8 and week 12 to monitor your progress. 

Group Hug
Lifestyle counseling

Why 12 weeks? 


Studies show to break habits we need to retrain our brain, and that means repeating those changes over and over again. But habits don’t change in isolation. The Doctor Bodywell programme identifies key factors that can help play a part in your success, and supports you as you take those first steps towards transforming your health.

The Peer Group


This journey is yours but there are others who can help you along the way, and we welcome you to invite** them to join you in this process, be it a friend looking to follow a similar path or a partner who you know will help kick start you into action. As part of our programme you will meet others who have chosen to go on the same journey as you. These people will form your peer group and can be a support network for you once the programme has ended.

Why this programme?

For someone who may be at the tipping point in their health, joining a programme such as this means the difference between a change in lifestyle versus an eventual diagnosis. We want to stop you from getting to that point, and understand that you may have tried various programmes that haven't worked in the past.  We offer a personalised review of your current diet and lifestyle, with the aim of meeting you where your current needs are now, so that you can make a start towards transforming your health at your own pace. 

The Doctor Bodywell Blood Sugar Transformation Programme is for you if: 


  • You’re at a point in your life where you would like to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle to prevent future health problems, but don’t know where to start

  • You have a very sedentary lifestyle

  • You’re overstressed and with little time to think about how you should be eating

  • You’ve recently been told by your doctor you have elevated blood sugars or are prediabetic 

  • You developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy

  • You have a family history of prediabetes or diabetes

  • You struggle to lose weight and are heavier than you would like to be 

  • You’d like to understand how to eat better and learn how to create meal plans for weight management

  • You want something more personalised and are willing to invest the time and effort to make changes to your diet and lifestyle

What's Included in The Blood Sugar Transformation Programme:


~4x Doctor-led workshops (online)

~4 x 1:1 nutrition planning sessions (online)

~Nutrition, lifestyle and goal setting intake forms

~Personalised food diary analysis with food source recommendations

~Personalised meal plans and suggested recipes 

~ Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Action Plan to move you closer to your goals and keep you accountable throughout the process

*Please get in touch to find out when our next programme will be running.

Contact us to discuss your goals and suitability and to book onto this programme

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