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The Peri Menopause Programme

Get in touch to find out how we can help you take back control of your hormone health through our programme. 

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The Menopause Transition Programme


For women entering this life stage, weight gain, rising blood sugars and insulin imbalance become important risk factors for other conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Studies suggest that if we have more balanced hormones during our menstruating years, then we may experience fewer symptoms during the perimenopause and menopause. So it’s never too early to start looking at ways we can support our hormonal health through nutrition.

This 4 week programme helps you to understand how to prepare for the menopause and support your body through it, by making nutrition & lifestyle adjustments.


As part of the programme you will learn:


~How to track the menstrual cycle using your own cycle so you understand when your body may be entering the menopause transition

~The importance of progesterone and oestrogen and how to support the balance to maintain a healthy weight and fat distribution

~How to eat to support the menopause transition to help alleviate menopause symptoms

~How to make tweaks to your own diet and lifestyle to support your body through the transition

~How to support sleep and stress 


What's included in The Menopause Transition Programme

~Meal plans & suggested recipes to get you started

~ Worksheets, Fact sheets & Planners

~Personalised food diary analysis and food source recommendations with a focus on nutrients that may help alleviate and manage menopause symptoms 

~4 x 1hr online workshops to learn how to prepare for the peri menopause. Includes one Doctor-led workshop to discuss the importance of blood sugar balance, insulin and HRT and the opportunity to ask questions throughout & one nutrition planning session to personalise your plan and discuss supplement recommendations

~ One complimentary follow up session a month after the programme has ended to check progress and make tweaks to your plan 

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